While you are working on growing your coaching business, maybe you have fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole searching for solutions.   Maybe you have been seeing the letters OBM everywhere? Maybe you have been thinking WTF is an OBM??  

Since you are so busy focusing on your coaching business, let me save you a little time. An OBM is an Online Business Manager (#duh..thanks can you tell me a little more than that)  

An OBM can assist you in realizing your business dreams because they will help you scale your business, increase the number of clients discovering you, and raise your revenue.  Basically, an OBM is your right-hand person who creates the workflows in your coaching business to keep everything running smoothly.  

You come up with the what (the dream/goal) and we come up with the how!


Tasks an OBM Can Handle for You

  • Create actionable steps to meet your future goals
  • Onboard and offboard clients
  • Keep track of all team members for projects and make sure deliverables are completed on time
  • Create and implement systems to improve your business
  • Listen to what you are considering for future services and projects and give you feedback that will take those items to the next level
  • Manage a launch
  • Track sales funnel metrics and other analytics
  • Manage your content strategy

When you decide to hire an OBM for your business, do not be surprised to see them jump in and treat your business like it is theirs.  This is exactly what you want them to do because it allows them to handle things in the exact same way you would if you still had the time to do it all!  

Now, it is important to note that yes, an OBM does cost more than a VA because they are in more of the manager role.  They are an extension of you the owner and the level of service they provide greatly exceed that of a Virtual Assistant.  And as you probably already know, focusing on your clients and the future of your coaching business is much better than spending time on all of the smaller details that an OBM will tackle for you.  

If you are ready to step into your new role as Chief Executive Officer of your business and have someone else manage things for you, let me know.  I would love to hear more about your business and let you know how I CAN HELP YOU achieve your goals.