So many people are choosing to make their work from home dreams come true, which is excellent when it comes to finding the perfect person for all of your business needs.  However, you must be aware that a single person cannot always meet every need that your business has. Therefore, you need to be conscious of what type of person your business requires and who will be the most beneficial.  

A lot of times, I hear the phrases VA and OBM has thrown around like they are one and the same.  Now, there are a few VAs out there that also act as OBMs, but most of the time, a VA offers completely different services than an OBM.  The way that a VA works is also different than the way an OBM works, so I figured that I would share the biggest differences between the two in order to clear up any confusion.  

4 Differences Between a VA and an OBM


1.)  A VA Does the Work, While the OBM Plans and Oversees It All

When you hire an OBM, you will discover that they plan and create strategies to reach your goals, while managing all of your projects along the way.  A VA would only work on tasks that they are assigned for each specific project. They would not manage team members or work towards any of your larger goals.  

2.)  Motivation Is Different for VAs and OBMs

A VA will simply tackle the list they are given on a single day or during a week or month, delivering items as they complete them.  They might jump on calls as needed, but they mostly focus on the current task at hand. An OBM looks at your business like it is their own, so they are always willing to bounce around ideas with you.  They also spend most of their time creating strategies to build your business, while the rest of their time is spent managing the rest of your team.  

3.)  VAs Have Mastered Their Trade, While OBMs Have Mastered the Complete Business Model

A VA might have knowledge when it comes to writing or posting on social media, but OBMs have an all-around business knowledge that means they can assist you in many different areas.  VAs might spend hours honing their craft by learning about new tools, but an OBM will spend those same hours staying on top of the newest business trends to ensure they are offering the best to their clients.  

4.)  The Client Base and Payments are Different

VAs can work with larger numbers of clients each month, due to the checklist nature of their position.  They also work on either an hourly rate or a retainer rate, which is completely different than an OBM. An OBM will work with fewer clients each month and most OBM contracts only last between six months and a year.  The fee for an OBM is higher and oftentimes, there is a profit-sharing option once a revenue milestone is hit. 

These are the four main differences between a VA and an OBM, but there are many others.  When you are contemplating hiring a person to help you with your business, you must know what your needs are and whether a VA or an OBM will give you the best results.  I can help you determine if an OBM will fit your current needs and then will show you how I can help get your business to the next level.