VIP days

Create a simpler, more profitable business
– in just one day.

No more responding to client emails at ungodly hours of the night.
No more feeling like you’re constantly drowning in your daily to-do list.
No more wondering where the heck this mysterious “time freedom”
is that other business owners keep raving about.

From this point on, better systems will change everything for you.


Hey, we get it.

You’ve always put systems at the bottom of your priority list, because they just haven’t felt that important.  Besides, shouldn’t you be spending your *non-existent* free time learning new dance moves for Instagram Reels?  Or posting to your Stories five times a day?  That’s what the “gurus” always say …

And yet, here you are without systems in place:

 → Losing WAY too many hours on manual tasks. The time you’re taking to draft those “quick” emails, invoices, questionnaires, etc. for your bookkeeping and accounting clients is adding up faster than you think – and you can never get it back.

→ Feeling like the hamster wheel never stops. You’ve got a million items on your daily to-do list – and yet, you often feel like you got nothing done. (How’s THAT work?) Again, where is all this “time freedom” that people keep talking about?

→ Secretly cringing every time you sign a new client. You’re so excited to serve them, but you know that each new client means a whole new set of onboarding tasks. Just when you thought you saw a glimpse of whitespace on your calendar …

→ Losing money. You have ZERO room for big-picture thinking to help scale your business with more ease and flow. How can you think of future passive income ideas (let alone, create them) when you can barely see past the day in front of you?


Every single business owner has been in your position.

And if they say they haven’t, they’re straight-up lying.

It’s only natural that you might be doing a bunch of manual tasks in your business, because that was just part of getting started. You had jobs to do, and you got ‘em done! You even wore your busyness like a badge of honor.

But now, you realize it’s time to step into your CEO role.

It’s time to systemize, streamline, and automate your business so you’re not constantly in the weeds, working yourself to death, just to generate income.

It’s time to get back your time – and reclaim your nights and weekends – so you can have breathing room to grow your business in big, exciting ways!




It’s happy-sigh easy. Just book us for a day and we’ll set up and automate crucial systems in your business – starting with your Clickup project management or Dubsado client workflows.

Booking a System Setup Day means that you won’t have to wait weeks or months to start simplifying your life. You’ll be all set to run with a smoother business within a week of working with us.

Even better: the systems we put in place for you will continue to pay off year after year.


Your life before a System Setup Day:

  • Spending Friday nights Googling different business tools.
  • Taking even more time trying to set them up on your own (#killmenow).
  • Feeling like you’re constantly chained to your laptop. (Must. Answer. That. Email!)
  • Wondering if you’ll ever book another vacation in your lifetime.

Your life after System Setup Day:

  • Spending Friday nights with a glass of wine and your favorite Netflix series.
  • Having extra time to stay in your genius zone and/or create passive income streams.
  • Letting automated emails, workflows, and other tools work around the clock for you.
  • Finally booking that big trip and buying the kind of bright, islandly clothes you only wear on vacation!

Take your pick from these two System Setup Days:

ClickUp in A Day

In one day, we’ll set up ClickUp (our favorite practice management tool) to streamline your client work. ClickUp will keep track of all of the tasks you have to complete every day/week/month/quarter/year so that you can WOW your clients and become the go-to person in your industry.

Dubsado In A Day

Get Dubsado (you guessed it – our favorite CRM) to handle every part of your client journey – from when people first contact you, to scheduling a discovery call, to receiving branded emails, and more! Having a repeatable process will save you from having to do the same manual tasks over and over again for each new client.


How’s this for extra value?

In addition to your System Setup Day, you’ll get:

One hour strategy call with Corinne:
Lean on Corinne’s expertise and experience in setting up ClickUp and Dubsado specifically for bookkeepers and accountants.

30 days of post-intensive support:
Use this support period to ask us anything about your day rate installation, setup, and tech. Note that this support period does not include additional work or changes.

Access to System Setup Companion Course:
That’s right, you’ll also receive access to our Dubsado for Bookkeepers companion course. We want you and your team to feel confident using your new system.

6 Months Subscription to Maintenance Mode:
We’re pretty damn proud of the support system we’ve built for our System Setup clients! You’ll receive 6 months of access to our support ticket system. You can submit an unlimited number of support tickets and will receive a response from us in 24 hours.

Wondering how it all works?

Just like your new smooth-running business,
our process is simple and seamless.

Step 1: Select your date from the calendar below, keeping in mind you’ll need to be virtually available to us on the entire day(s) of the intensive. We’ll also need to fit in a kick-off call and time to complete your prep-work prior to your day(s), so keep that in mind as well. Book with a 50% deposit.

Step 2: After scheduling, check your email, where you’ll receive your official welcome kit. This email will contain IMPORTANT information about scheduling a kick-off call, as well as your prep-work. All of these things MUST be completed ASAP for our day together to be a success.

Step 3: Your System Setup Day has finally arrived! We will get to work setting up and customizing your personalized system. You’ll be involved in the process, by giving us feedback and input throughout the day, but for the most part, you can finally sit back while we handle all the heavy lifting.

Step 4: Once the work is over, we won’t leave you hanging. Upon completion, we include 30 days of email support where you can ask any questions about the work we’ve completed for you, plus you’ll receive your own custom support vault with short video tutorials that explain how to use your new system.


We get this question a lot …

“Will I need to be on call with you during the System Setup Day?”

Well, not technically on call. You won’t need to lock eyes with us on Zoom all day,
because that would get super weird, super fast!

You’ll just need to be available by email or messenger. The faster you can provide input as we’re working on your setup, the more we can get done for you.

(Plus, we still have to master our mind-reading skills.)


Hey there, I’m Corinne

Tech expert, margarita lover, and fellow business owner.

I’m also a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM), but most people’s eyes glaze over when I mention this. (Don’t worry; I don’t take it personally!)

Being an OBM gave me the expertise to streamline my own business so that I could go from a place of being overworked and overwhelmed to adopting repeatable systems to simplify my daily routine. Growing my client roster tenfold was also a great perk!

Today, I love helping bookkeeping and accounting clients like YOU get past their tech fears and implement time-saving, stress-reducing business systems. Sure, “systems” may not sound super sexy, but if you like the idea of more time freedom and financial abundance, then our System Setup Days are just what you need!

Still here?

Sounds like you’re looking for a change.

If you’re like most of our System Setup Day clients, you aren’t struggling to fill your calendar.

If anything, you’ve got MORE bookkeeping and accounting clients than you can currently manage. At least, that’s what it feels like right now. Pure chaos.

The beauty of having proper systems in place is that you can take on just as many clients – or even add some to your roster – and feel LESS stress.

So, are you ready for a simpler way to generate more income?


Love everything about the System Setup Day,
but want more of a done-with-you option?

Right this way ….