As a business owner, there will come a time where you need to make difficult choices.  Oh, I’ve basically summed up your last few days, weeks, and months? Sorry! I guess I should be a little more specific then because I am talking about letting go of the reins and letting someone else take control of making sure your plans are executed the way you want them.  

As an online coach, you have a vision for your business and you have dozens of ideas of how you can grow your business into one that is successful.  However, what you are lacking is the time to implement those ideas and keeping your team members on track.  

This is where I come in as an OBM because I take your vision and execute every step of it while making sure your team members are handing things in on time.  I also assist with marketing, finances, and keeping your entire business running like a well-oiled machine.  

Do you want to know why I have the time to do all of these things when you don’t?  Well, I have managed to set up many different automated systems that work and nothing falls through the cracks.  Yes, you could spend hours creating these same systems, but why should you do that when I have done it for you?! And, add in the fact that you could spend those same hours connecting with clients, creating new products, and coming up with new ideas of how to take your business to the next level!  


How to Know if You Need an OBM

There is never a set time for hiring an OBM like myself, but there are certain items that will clue you in that it is time.  

A few things that always let me know a business owner is ready to work with an OBM include:

  • Being completely overwhelmed with everyday tasks
  • Working 12 or 14 hour days and still not getting everything they need to be done
  • Not having a plan in place to implement their amazing ideas
  • Certain tasks keep slipping through the cracks and never get done
  • Every project being worked on is late or is way over budget

If you are feeling or noticing, any of the items mentioned above with your business, it is time we had a little chat.  There is no need for you to run a business like this and by simply contacting me, we can start digging you out of the hole you are in.  Let me work my magic and free up some of your time, so you can focus on the part of your business that means the most to you.  

Online coaches and OBMs are the winning combinations you have been looking for, so let’s get together and grow your coaching business quickly!