Whether you’re a coach helping clients reach their goals or a service provider offering top-notch solutions, you’re no stranger to the juggling act of running a thriving online business. But there comes a point when the workload starts to outweigh the excitement. That’s when a crucial question arises: “Is it time to bring an Online Business Manager (OBM) on board?” This post is your guide to recognizing the signs that you’re ready to make this strategic move, whether you’re a coach, service provider, or both.

What is an Online Business Manager?

Let’s first cover what an online business manager is, just in case this is a new term for you. An online business manager helps with the day-to-day back end of your business. Depending on the business manager and their zone of genius, this could include a couple of extra roles and tasks. Such as system setup, project management, hiring, creating processes, and managing your team.

How to Know You Are Ready to Hire an Online Business Manager?

There are a few different reasons you might be ready and wanting to hire an online business manager. I will list the top three in this post so that when you find yourself wondering, “Am I really ready for an online business manager?” you can stop and think about these key steps.

1) You know that you are the bottleneck of your business and team.

If you already have a small team of contractors, you might start to find that you are the bottleneck holding them back from doing their job. Are you struggling to get your team members the information they need to complete their tasks for your business? That’s a key area where an online business manager can step in and actually manage the team for you.

It can be tough to let go of the reins, and you will most likely struggle with this transition. However, online business managers are trained specifically in how to manage your team members so that they stay engaged and deliver results for your online business.

2) Your systems are a mess.

Your zone of genius might not be systems, and that’s okay! But, as you continue to grow and scale, implementing the right systems is vital for your business to continue to grow. Most online business managers love systems and can make sure your business is running like a well-oiled machine.

3) You have no SOP’s or processes in place.

SOPs (standard operating procedures) are essential for all businesses, especially as you grow and your team expands. Making sure these key documents and processes are mapped out will be one of your online business manager’s first steps to organizing your business and making things run better.

Are you ready to hire an online business manager?

If this resonates and sounds like you, you likely need an online business manager!

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