As you are creating goals for your business, how do you tackle every single task to reach them?  

I am guessing that you are like most people and simply do the steps in the order they are required.  Basically a step one, step two, step three type of thing, all of the way to the very last step.  

However, what happens if you have no idea what steps are needed to get to a specific goal?  How do you even figure out where to begin?  

Girl, sometimes it is as easy as starting at the end and working your way backwards!  

Yes, I know this sounds super crazy, and maybe even a little impossible, but it works!  


How to Tackle Your Business Systems by Working Backwards

1.  Determine Your Goals

You really can’t go anywhere with your business until you have created at least one goal, because you need something to strive for.  The creation of a goal, or multiple goals, is an easy way to see how you need to start at the end and then work your way backwards!  

Most businesses set a revenue goal and then work backwards to see how they can reach it, but you can set any goal you want, as long as it pertains to your business.  Now, I am not saying that you cannot have a goal of binge-watching Netflix, or Disney+, one day a week, but your goal should be something for your business that will then allow you to have the time to do some binge-watching!

2.  Consider Your Options for Reaching Your Goals

Next, you will need to consider all of your options for reaching your goals and then decide when you want to implement everything.  This is not always easy, because you will then need to determine which option should be implemented first, second, and third. 

Using increased revenue as an example, your options might include outsourcing work, increasing your content strategies, and growing your email list.  Some people might think that increasing their content strategies should be step one, followed by growing their email list, and finally outsourcing work.  However, I want to encourage you to do something different.  

Create Your New Business Systems Plan

I am still working with the revenue example from above, but your goals will still have similar steps as what I am mentioning below.  

1.  Automate as Much as You Can

The very first thing I recommend is automating as much of your business as you can.  Utilize software programs for your onboarding, finances, and anything you do daily, weekly, and monthly.  This will free up some much needed time, so you can work on the more important things in your business. This is where having systems in place for your business can come in handy, but don’t panic if you do not have all of the systems you need as of yet.  

2.  Outsource

It may seem strange to outsource your work before you have more income coming in, but again, this will keep you focused on your goal.  So, hire a team member or two and communicate with them through Trello, Asana, Slack, or whatever tool you can to keep your business moving forward.  

3.  Create Additional Content and New Products

Now that you have a team in place, start creating additional content and up your social media game.  This will ensure you have plenty of content for both old and new clients to look at. This is also an excellent time to create new products that you can launch to meet your goals.  

4.  Grow Your Email List

At this point, you have your team, as well as more content and new products ready to launch.  This is where you will want to turn your focus to growing your email list, so you have more people seeing your content and products.  

As you can see, working backwards with the business systems you have in place, and implementing new systems, can help you reach your goals much faster.  Sometimes, you need to think outside the box and work in the completely opposite direction than you are used to in order to reach the goals you desire for your business.  If you are ready for this type of challenge and are serious about growing your business, contact me right away. I can help you see how working backwards can move your business forward sooner than you thought possible.