Choosing the right blog niche will allow you to grow your blog faster. Follow along as I uncomplicate picking your blog niche.

Imagine you are searching the internet for a recipe for dinner tonight. You only have 30 minutes to make it because once again you forgot to defrost the chicken.

You find a big list of dinner recipes on Pinterest. Which one are you going to be more likely to click on?

  • 10 Dinner Recipes
  • 10 Quick Dinner Recipes that only Take 30 Minutes

You’re going to pick the second one because it fits your needs/situation.

You don’t want to sort through all of the awesome dinners that take hours to make. You want just the ones you are going to have time for.

People who see your blog posts online think the same way. They want content focused on their exact situation because that’s what’s going to help them the most. That’s why choosing a blog niche is so important.

Ok, so I know some of you are thinking, but those 10 recipes might be great to have for another night when I have more time. Ok true, but how many Pinterest images have you saved for later and never read? You want to create topics that people want to read right now…not save for later and forget about.

You want your blog to be the PERFECT fit for a specific type of reader. It will allow you to grow your following/community fast. You will become a go-to resource for that audience and quickly establish a strong online presence – even if you have no online presence when you get started.

So, how exactly can you choose the best blog niche? Let’s go through the steps.

How to Pick a Profitable Blog Niche

Before you start, keep these things in mind….It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Do not let perfectionism to stall your progress.

STEP 1: Pick Your Passions

Grab a pen and a pad of paper and start writing a list of everything you are passionate about. I mean everything! There is no wrong answer here and you don’t need to limit yourself! Write down all the silly, serious, random things. If you are already blogging, what are you currently blogging about? Include in this list – What could you talk about every day non-stop? What are your hobbies?

Step 2: Pick Your Strengths

What do you enjoy teaching others about? What are you better at than the average person?
What do you have a lot of experience doing? What’s something really unique/cool that you’ve accomplished? Ask yourself these questions to start brainstorming your main areas of expertise.

You don’t need to be the #1 expert in your blog niche to make an impact. You can share your journey as you become an expert.

Step 3: Where Can You Profit

Look at where your passions and strengths overlap. Highlight them on your sheet. What problems do people have in these areas? What problem could you solve for them? What are people willing to pay for? How can you help others in a UNIQUE way?

The space where all of the things on your list overlap is your profitable blog niche.

Hold on to your list because we are going to use it again when we determine our blog mission statement and topic categories.

Last week I explained how I figure out my blog niche.  This week I want to dive a little deeper by picking our blog categories and mission statement.

Why do we need a mission statement or topic categories?  

My first year blogging I failed because I was all over the place with my blog posts.  I didn’t have a clear focus and was not really the go to person for anything.  You want to be someone’s go to.

When you think about planning, time management with your blog or learning shortcuts to make yourself more productive, I want you to think about me.  When you think about traveling with your family…I do not want my name to come up.  True fact…I actually hate to fly!

Going through this process gave me even more clarity on what I was going to blog about and what I want my blog to be known for.  Let’s dive in.

How to Pick Your Blog Categories

Step 1: Organize Your Passions

Pull out your passion list.  I hope it was really long because that means you were really thinking.  Cross off everything you either a) don’t want to blog about or b) don’t really love.  You may have been blogging about things that other bloggers blogged about but you didn’t love doing. Maybe you started writing about some topics but have other interests now.  Maybe you put some things on your list that you think you “should be” passionate about just really are not.

Whenever I have writer’s block it is usually because I am either not passionate or knowledgeable on the topic.

Next, Combine your list

Your list should be a lot shorter with that cross off and hopefully, it revealed to you some of the things you are passionate about and could blog about! Look at your list again and start trying to combine things.  

For example, my list had time blocking, using a planner, routines. Hmm can you say category?  Yes, so one of my blog topic categories is time management and my subcategories are time blocking, planning tools and routines/schedules.

To make this easy I grabbed highlighters and just highlighted all of the similar things.  Those became my categories.  Here are the highlighters I got on Amazon and these are the post-it notes you will need for the next step.

Do you see any consistency?

Look at your list and see what is left. Do you have any categories that just don’t make sense? They do not all need to be the same but if you have a random one, either cross it off or figure out how you can work it in.

For example, I listed meal planning, but everything else is time management.  So I could do something like meal planning shortcuts, or how to save time meal planning.  This is totally up to you! Either figure out a way to incorporate it or cross it off though.

Side note…I once told my blogging coach I wanted to write a post about yarn dryer balls.  Can you see how if you came to my blog and saw a post on your yarn balls you would be thinking WTF?

Create a Mission Statement

Seeing what you wrote down as you did the first four steps hopefully helped you see the direction you want to go with your blog. Take the time now to ask yourself some questions as you look at that list:

– Who is the audience I am trying to reach?  What does their day look like?  Are they busy or need something to do?

– What do the things left on this list say about me?  

– How do I want people to feel when they are on my blog?

– What do I want them to do when they are on my blog?

– What do I want my blog to stand for?

Try to create a couple sentences (or one run on sentence) that sums it all up.  This would be your blog’s mission statement.  This statement is really for your own use and doesn’t need to be shared with your readers.  BUT, if you then shorten it, it would really become your blog’s tagline.

How to Write Blog Posts Perfect for Your Blog Niche/Audience

Once you’ve decided on a blog niche, you need to start publishing blog posts.  But you can’t just pick any random topic.  You have to select a topic that falls in one of the blog categories we just outlined AND it needs to support your profit plan.

Now if you are thinking…content creation and profit plan…Oh my! Don’t worry I have you covered!  In the next couple weeks I plan to take a deep dive on how to set up your plan to profit so you can set up your content to succeed.

How to Pick a Profitable Blog Niche in 3 Easy Steps

The Easy Way to Find Your Blog NIche
How to Find Your Blog Niche the Easy Way

3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Blog Niche

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