My step by step plan on how to make money as a new blogger with affiliate sales.   If you are looking for the free affiliate trello board.  Scroll to the bottom.

As a new blogger there are a million things on my to do list. I had no idea how I was going to do it all.  I have so many things I want to teach other moms, systems I want to help them with to streamline their life. But…in order to help others I needed income.

There are costs associated with running a businesses and I needed to start bringing income in to help with those expenses.  Money would allow me to share my message to more and more moms.  I needed something that would be quick and easy too. I’m not saying a get quick rich scheme, I just needed something that with work I could implement fast and could duplicate.

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I looked at the different ways to make money blogging:

Products While this excites me again…I have a lot on my to do list already.

Affiliates as a new blogger I was taking in a lot of information and purchasing a lot of books and courses.  Why not suggest my favorite ones?

Ads If you have or once you have enough traffic you can add banners and ads to your blog. Again I need enough followers for this.

Services With my full time job, little one and blog, I don’t have time for services right now.

Sponsored Post-this is an option but their may be traffic requirements.

Affiliates and Ads!!  I plan to do a combination of creating my own image ads for affiliate links.

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Have you seen those big income reports on Pinterest?

Have you noticed how a lot of those big bloggers income comes from affiliate sales? After I started to notice the trending theme amongst those big income reports, I became really interested in affiliate marketing.

I completed a couple of ebooks and courses in my 2017 Genius Blogger Ultimate Bundle about Affiliate marketing but I still didn’t get it. I finished the courses thinking like ok but what do I do? Like spell out the literal steps on how to do this. I felt like the instructors were just touching the surface.

Finally I came across the How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale Ebook by Elise at House of Brazen Blog and it all makes sense to me now.  Elise made her first affiliate sale within 24 hours of implementing her strategy.  While I am skeptical, I followed the steps and was able to implement her process in under an hour.

I only just finished it tonight so I don’t have any affiliate sales to report just yet, but with the book being only $25 I am sure I can make that back in no time!

What is affiliate marketing?

It seems like a new and trendy way of making income online but in fact, it’s been around for decades. Any sales person who makes a “cut” or commission from selling a product is basically an affiliate marketer.

How does it work on Pinterest?

Pinterest has allows pinners to add direct affiliate links to their pins instead of having to go through a blog. This means that you can market to the over 150 million active Pinterest users immediately! For free! Now that’s my kind of marketing.

Without realizing it, you have probably already clicked on an affiliate link for a cute sweater or Etsy printable. Those are affiliate links.

Now why is this so exciting for new bloggers like myself??

Well unlike making my own product, I don’t have to make a sales page or an email sales funnel or the product or the opt in or all of the millions of other things you need to launch a product the right way.

I can place my link on Pinterest that goes directly to the affiliate product or I can incorporate my review of the product (like I’m doing right now) in my editorial calendar. It makes one less blog post I have to think of.

Two birds with one stone:)

Does this mean I will never create my own product?

No in fact with income I will probably be able to create my own product faster. With the money I make from affiliate marketing I could afford to outsource some of the work now.

Important things to Note

Make sure to disclose on any and all pins that you are acting as an affiliate.

You can do this in the pin description by adding #afflink or #affiliate as you can see on my pin above. Failure to do this can result in you being banned from Pinterest and even result in legal action.

It’s super easy and honestly as a Pinterest pinner I never read the description anyways lol. I just look at the pretty pictures 🙂

No one wants to be bombarded with sales pitches on Pinterest so make sure you are still pinning your own original pins that leads to your great content.

So what’s the catch?

It really is this simple but I still recommend getting Elise’s book so you know how to build “it” to be effective.

This is where the How to Make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours ebook really came in for me.  I was a little intimidated about affiliate marketing and she really made it simple stupid.

The techniques are simple but effective.  I like ebooks that get straight to the point! Elise shows you exactly how to create affiliate pins that go viral. She even shares with you her Pinterest strategy on how she automates the whole thing.

Now if you are wondering whether to purchase the ebook, I totally get. You can get more information about what the book includes,  check out Elise’s page at this link: Affiliate Sale in 24 hours e-book.

You know how much I love Trello so if you purchase the ebook with my affiliate link I will send you my Trello board to keep track of your affiliate links, images and rules all in one handy place. This is a free thank you gift for using my link. Just email me your receipt after purchase.  I think affiliate marketing Is that awesome I made a whole Trello board for it!!

If you are ready to start with affiliate sales and want to know more about utilizing the power of Pinterest, I think the book is a great investment.

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