How many blogs do you scope out in any given week?  Do you have any bloggers that you follow religiously and can’t wait until you can read their next post?  

Girl, I think you can see where I am going with this!  And how having your very own blog can help you gain even more coaching clients than ever before!  

This process isn’t going to be easy, what part of building a business is, but the rewards are going to benefit you long into the future.  

When you set up your blog, you are going to need to know your “WHY” when it comes to your coaching business and the reason you are blogging.  While you can spend hours writing about whatever you want, it is best to have a strategy in place for connecting with potential clients. Whether this is sharing helpful info or telling them how you can solve all of their problems, that’s up to you.  

You just need a plan to grow that email list you have been working on for months and get yourself front and center with all of the people who need your help!


Writing Blog Posts to Get More Coaching Clients

 Okay, so once you have all of your grand plans in place, it will be time to start typing out everything you want to say to your potential clients.  This list is going to be long, so please break it down into manageable pieces for your readers or you will lose them really quick.  

A few helpful hints for writing blog posts: 

  • It is always best to create headings and then bullet points within your posts.  This ensures your readers can find what they need quickly. 
  • Quality images are a must when it comes to blogging and you should include at least one at the top of every post you write. 
  • Relevant links to other people’s posts, and even to a few of your own blog posts, can be very helpful to your readers. 
  • Every post you write MUST have a call to action at the end!  Whether it is asking your readers to answer a question or set up a time to speak with you about what you are offering.  

Sharing Your Blog Posts

 All the writing you are doing for your blog will be for nothing if you do not continuously get new people to read it every single day!  Therefore, you must share your blog posts on social media and through your current email list. The goal here is for your readers to see what you are doing and then share it with their friends.  

 SEO is also huge when it comes to blogging, but you could honestly lose your mind if you focus on it too much.  If you want to take the easy way out on this, simply install the Yoast plug-in and call it a day. I won’t think any less of you, I promise!

 Yes, you will spend hours creating new content for your blog at first and yes, it will take time to add new posts throughout the week.  BUT, I guarantee that you will see an uptick in the number of coaching clients you have, as well as a huge waiting list for the future.  

 If you are ready to take your coaching business soaring into the future, I can help you get your blog off and running in no time at all.  Simply set up an appointment with me and I will work with you to find the strategy that will work best for your coaching business.