When you wake up in the morning, do you already have a plan in place or are you spending an hour (okay two hours with coffee), trying to come up with what tasks you are going to do throughout the day?  

What would you say if I told you that you could still enjoy that morning coffee, but your brain could relax, so you could enjoy every sip?  

Stop thinking that I am crazy right now, because girl, I am telling you, it is possible!  All you need is to create a few systems that will do some of your work, while you either do something fun or work on other pressing areas of your coaching business.  


8 Reasons to Create Systems for Your Coaching Business

  1. Clears all of those jumbled thoughts from your head
  2. To have a clear idea of exactly what you need to do each and every day
  3. Simplifies all of those tasks you hate doing
  4. Nothing gets skipped over, so you never have those middle of the night, “Oh crap, I forgot…”, moments
  5. You can focus on those bigger ideas that will help you grow your coaching business
  6. Improves productivity
  7. Ability to spot problems sooner
  8. Set standards to keep your business moving forward

Create Systems for These Types of Tasks

  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Customer Service
  • Sourcing Products or Leads
  • Accounting
  • All Thing Related to Human Resources
  • Goals


How to Easily Create Systems in Your Coaching Business

Now that you know which areas of your business can use systems, you can get started with setting things up!  

1. Get a List Together

I love making lists almost as much as I love having everything streamlined, so while you might hate lists, trust me when I say it will help with this entire process!  I want you to consider all of the tasks above, plus any others that are not listed, to see which tasks you have that are recurring. This is the time to figure out what you do every single day you are working, as well as those items you do once a week, once a month, once every three months, and once a year.  Those are the things that should have a system or be automated!

2.  Determine the Steps for Those Tasks

This is going to be a slightly overwhelming task at first, but you will be happy you forged ahead once you no longer need to think about these items!  As you are doing each task on your list from step one, you need to write down everything you do for that task.  

3.  Create a Master List of the Exact Steps You Take for Each Task

Once you know exactly what you do for each task, you need to make a list of the steps in the order they need to be completed.  These master lists can then be used by anyone that needs to do these tasks for you.  

4.  Automate Where Possible

While having a master list is great, you can take this a step further by automating as many of those tasks as possible.  There are so many programs out there that will help you save time on the tasks you do all of the time. Imagine never needing to send the same emails out time and time again, because you have a system in place to do it for you.  It is completely possible and it is much easier than you think! 

Creating systems for your coaching business is one of the best things you can do to allow your business to grow and flourish.  Contact me today, so we can get the systems that will work best for your business in place and get you focused on the things that matter the most.