Growing your business with new clients seems easy at first until you start the process of looking for those clients.  If you are unsure of the best ways to get clients, you may find yourself trying ten or twenty different strategies, just hoping and praying you will get the results you need from the mix.  

Let me tell you why that won’t work…..

If you are using so many different strategies, not a single one of them is going to be done well.  So, you are going to have ten or twenty items going out that you didn’t pour your heart and soul into.  Why would you think clients would want only half of your best?  

I can tell you that any client wants 150%, so 50% isn’t going to attract them, let alone pull them in! 

6 Best Tips to Get Clients Now

1.  Always Be Present Everywhere

Focusing on your website or Facebook page or Twitter account will gain you some clients, but imagine how many you will attract if you are adding content and posting in as many places as you possibly can.  Yes, this can be time-consuming, but if you automate many of these tasks, you can be present while you are focusing on other parts of your business at the same time. Hey, I am a firm believer in automating, so posts can go on Facebook and content can go on your website while you are taking a two-hour snooze in the middle of the afternoon!

2.  Utilize All of Those Facebook Groups

If you are not part of any Facebook Groups, or you have just joined one or two, what the heck are you waiting for??  You already know that most of the world uses Facebook, so get your expertise out there and let yourself shine! 

3.  Find Your Business Friends

While it might not be the best idea to work for your friends, it is usually okay to work with business friends.  Give all of those business people you know a call and let them know how you can help them using your expertise. Even if they do not need help right now, they may know someone that does.  They may even be willing to tell everyone they know about a new product you are offering or a special you are running. Girl, use those contacts!  

4.  Keep in Touch with Past Clients

All of those clients you have worked within the past, and loved, can become clients again if your timing is right.  Simply keep in touch with those clients and let them know when you have some availability in your schedule. Again, they might not have any work for you right now, but they may know someone that does.  

5.  Continue Sharing Your Products and Services

You may think that everyone knows, and remembers, what you have to offer.  However, when you are looking through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and different websites do you automatically remember who sells what and who offers what?  I didn’t think so! This is why it is so important to make sure you are sharing this information with your target audience, so they do not forget you! Honey, keep sending those emails and newsletters and keep sharing on social media!  Keep those clients coming in!

6.  Work with an OBM

Time is money and an OBM can lessen your workload, so you can focus on client acquisition.  If you are finding that you have less and less time to focus on getting clients, an OBM can work with you to free up your time and get you back to increasing your client base.  

These are six of the best tips to get clients now, but you need to implement them if you want them to work.  Contact me today and we will get everything implemented, so you have more clients than time slots available!