I know, I know… The last thing you want right now is to learn a new system platform for work! But, what if I told you your life is going to be so much easier if you do? And by easier, I mean having more time, less stress, and less forgetting and losing things while looking like an idiot in front of a client! Yes, we have all had those moments, but I have the perfect solution!

ClickUp is a system that will make you more efficient at work. Your team will be more productive too! And all of that efficiency and productivity will mean more money in your pocket, as you continue to grow your firm successfully. 

5 Reasons You Should Be Using ClickUp if You Want to Grow Your Firm and Be More Profitable

1. Customization

Your firm doesn’t work exactly like every other firm or business out there. That means you can’t expect to cookie-cutter your way through a system that expects to deliver a one size fits all solution. ClickUp doesn’t offer one size fits all though. It offers the customization you desire to keep your firm moving forward. 

ClickUp allows you to remove features you don’t like or will never use. (You can change your mind and add them back in the future! 😀) And those features you keep can be customized to ensure your productivity levels are at an all time high. 

2. Create a Structure of Hierarchy

The last thing you need at work is an endless to-do list. Especially one that gives you no idea of what should be done first, second, etc. Thankfully, ClickUp has a solution to the neverending to-do list with their structure of hierarchy. 

All of your tasks can be organized within different areas to ensure every box gets checked off in record time. Everyone will know what has been completed, who needs to work on the next part of the job, and when everything is done. 

3. Different Views are Available

Everyone sees things in different ways, which is why ClickUp created multiple view options. Anyone on your team can easily view tasks in list form, box view, or board view. Everyone can choose the one that works best for them or even switch between them all depending on what they are working on. 

The list view shares all the tasks as a list, while the box view offers oversight to all the items spread out between team members. The box view will also show what work has been completed on the current day, as well as within the last week. The board view also allows people to move tasks around as visions and requirements change. 

4. Sharing Files

Do you suffer from missing files that were attached to email, because you simply could not locate the email? Guilty here too! 🙋 ClickUp is a lifesaver, because files can be attached for instant access at any time. Plus, you can easily make comments on any document. 

Trust me when I say you will be thrilled to never need to ask a client to resend something for the umpteenth time! 

5. Create Comments and Assign Them Accordingly

Do you like to communicate with your team, but are never sure if you are communicating properly? ClickUp allows you to send a comment to a specific person and then follow up to make sure that action was taken. And since the comment window will remain on a person’s screen until it has been checked complete, you won’t need to worry about it being forgotten long before the end of the workday. 

These are 5 reasons you should be using ClickUp if you want to grow your firm and be more profitable. You know you need a system in place to be more productive and efficient. And you know those things will both help you grow your firm and become more profitable. 

So, what the heck are you waiting for? Click here to contact me today! I would love to chat, so I can let you know how I can help you implement ClickUp in your firm and how it will benefit you the most.