Where are you in your business right now?  

Are you wondering where each one of your 24 hours in a day is going?  Are you wondering when you are going to get more than 4 hours of sleep at night?  

If you answered yes to those last two questions, then….. 

GIrl, you need to hire an OBM right away!  

I mean, come on, you need to sleep, and spend time with your family and friends.  I know you want to grow your business, and sacrifices are necessary but are you taking things a little too far…

5 Reasons You Need an OBM

# 1 You Have More Team Members than You Have Time for

It can be a good thing when you have quite a few team members to carry the load, but you still need to oversee their work and that takes precious time away from other parts of your life.  When you hire an OBM, they will do the overseeing for you, so you can spend time focusing on growing your business and have a few hours of downtime as well.  

#2 Creating Automated Systems

Do you have automated systems in place for your business?  If you are laughing right now and saying, “Who has time for that?”, please know you are not alone!  I know you have been super busy being superwoman, but understand that an OBM will get these systems in place so you can get things done faster in the future.  Imagine all of the things you do the same way right now and how automating them will manage to free up a boatload of time later on. It’s amazing! 

#3 All the Planning and Launching of Programs

How many hours do you spend when it comes to planning projects and launching programs?  Do you have that many hours available? I didn’t think so! An OBM will treat your business like it’s their own and create the plans and launches for you.  All you need to do is follow the plan, while your fabulous OBM makes sure everyone is doing their job by the completion dates.  

#4 Your Competitors are More Successful than You

It is hard to see a competitor forging ahead in the same business and seeing the results faster, especially when it comes to social media and the release of products.  An OBM can help you create a plan, so you are finally ahead of your competitors in the future.  

#5 Creating Standard Operating Procedures

Did you fall asleep…I know, I know SOP’s are boring.  But, you should have a procedure in place for hiring new employees, contacting clients, and even sending out emails.  These procedures can save you time, because there is consistency throughout your days. If you do not have any standard operating procedures in place, your OBM can get those things created and implemented in no time at all.  

These are the five reasons why you need an OBM, like right now!  I hate it when I see business owners struggling and never seeing their families and friends, especially when their days can be freed up when they hire an OBM.  

Are you ready to claim your life back, and those hours you crave for doing the fun parts of your business?  I am ready to create everything you need to get those things and even more! Set up an appointment today and let me show you what I can do to help.