Automating my blog is the only way I am able to get as much done every day as I do!  To explain what automating is, it’s when you create a system that completes the task for you.  Or when you do still need to be involved, sometimes it is creating a system that reduces the amount of steps you have to do.  Today I am going to share with you a some ideas of 25 Things You Can Automate in Your Business.

Automating frees up your time to complete other more important task (or just watch a movie with your kido).  When it takes you less time to complete something you become more efficient and also you are more likely to be consistent.  Tasks that suck or take longer we tend to want to skip!

Here are a a few ways you can get started…

The important thing to remember is while there are a ton of different tools you can use to automate your business, if you start using a million of them you will just create a cluster f*ck that could make things even worse!  Less is more.

Sometimes you have to use more than one because of limitations or to keep the costs down.  I get it.  Just don’t go crazy.

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1.) Revive old content with “Revive old post” is a plugin you can connect to your WordPress. This service is free or paid for different levels of management, but it will tweet your older blog posts with your hashtags, and while you sleep!

2.) Schedule your social media.  Hootsuite and buffer are social media management tools you can use to schedule posts across a few of your accounts, like twitter and facebook. They have a free service and a paid service.  I schedule my posts using IFTTT applets so I can extend my free accounts.

3.) For Pinterest , I use Boardbooster.  It costs a penny per pin.  Why not Tailwind?  You still have to load up your schedule with Tailwind.  With Boardboosted I am able to schedule my pins in 5 minutes a month.

4.) Setup a RSS Feed and Send Newsletters Automatically to your Readers.  An RSS feed is something that people subscribe to in order to receive your newest content as soon as it’s published – automatically. I use Mailerlite (Use this link to get a $20 account credit) for my newsletter.  You would simply go to your campaigns to set up a RSS Campaign.

5.) Create an FAQ PageHow often are you asked the same questions by commenters and readers? If you create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or a “Help” page for your blog to answer common questions.This will save you the time in your email box too, and I know we can easily spend too much time in there!

6.) Batch Your TasksI like to batch out my work, meaning I block out a time frame to create the same type of thing multiple times. This goes for photos for the blog or for creating graphics, and templates for Pinterest images. Batching makes you efficient and consistent which helps your branding.

7.) Use Apps to Schedule RemindersSet yourself up with daily, monthly, or weekly reminders for tasks you don’t want to forget to do using my favorite tool Trello. With the ButlerBot add on I never forget a deadline and have all of my content mapped out for the ENTIRE year BOOM!

8.) Hire an Accountant  When I say accountant I mean get a system like Wave. This app automatically imports your transactions so you don’t have to manually organize them anymore.It’s time to stop pulling your hair out as you try and organize a year’s worth of expenses from a shoebox of receipts. If you use Wave(it’s free!) as your bookkeeping tool, it comes with a free app for your phone called Wave Receipts.   Every time you buy something for your business, use the app to take a photo of the receipt and it will store it in Wave!

9.) Create funnels or opt ins you can rinse and repeatWhen you create your first funnel or opt in make a template first that you can duplicate for every other funnel you create in the future.

BONUS: Use a wordpress theme like mine (Divi Elegant Theme) that allows you to create sales pages that you can just keep duplicating.  It saves me a ton of money by not having to pay monthly fees for leadpages!

10.) Start Saying No  As Entrepreneurs we are naturally yes people and we are also overachievers. 🙂 We have a huge fear of missing out.  The problem is that you might be spending unnecessary time trying things that don’t work and and don’t move you forward towards your goals.  Shiny object syndrome is a real thing!!  So, start really following your gut instincts and saying NO more often. You’ll free up your time – automatically.

Check out Meera Kothand’s The 5-Step Process to Crush Blogger Overwhelm: The Blogger’s Guide to Tasks & Goal Creation.  It a free bonus when you purchase her Blog Startup Plan.  It was a huge help for reducing the overwhelm that we face as bloggers.

11.) Use a Blog Post Template.  Again it makes you efficient and consistent!  I took a poll in my Elite Blog Academy Facebook group and the members said their biggest time suck was content creation.  Check out this blog post here on how to create a blog post template.  Also check out Wordable to upload your blog posts to wordpress directly from Google Docs.  This post was imported into WordPress in one click using Wordable.

12.) Automate your file-saving process  Do you spend hours trying to find documents?  Use Dropbox to sync up folders on your computer.  You can also use an applet to automatically backup files to certain places.

13.) Use Canned Responses  I use canned responses with my Zapier zaps.  You can use them for frequently responded to emails.  If you have a VA, this will help them draft response that sound like you and make them more efficient.

14.) Set up an email autoresponder  Going along with the above, you can create an autoresponder from most, if not all, email accounts. With Gmail you can send them to only specific people even.  This is the easiest way to automate email and also set up business boundaries when you are on vacation.

15.) Start Documenting Your Process and Workflows.  Tasks that I frequently do I create a video screen share for.  I have complied a library of video tutorials that I can either share on my blog or with a VA when it is time to scale up our outsource some of my projects.  I also create screen share videos for tasks I don’t frequently do, so I can remember how to load that thingy again lol.


16.) Automate Your Client Onboarding Process.  Create an entire process that gets them from their free consultation to a paying client.

17.) Automate your client follow ups. When the work is finished you don’t want to just go MIA.  Maybe they could be a repeat client.  If these clients are happy with the work you did, they will most likely want to work with you again! But if you don’t keep in touch, they’ll probably forget about you or even worse – think you don’t really care. Create a group or segment with your email marketing provider to follow up with them 30 days later, 6 months or maybe once a year.

18.) Automatically add clients to your mailing list when they schedule a free consultation.  This is just one more way to grow your list faster!  You’ll need to sign up for a free Zapier account. Zapier allows you to connect apps and trigger automatic actions.  You can create this zap or something similar:

1. Trigger: A client schedules an introductory call with you or books you for a service.

2. Action: Zapier adds the client to your mailing list!

Just make sure you add a sentence saying when scheduling an appointment with me you will be added to mailing list.

19.) Automate testimonial reminders for your clients.  Testimonials are super important for future business as well as making sure your current client is happy with your work.

20.)  Set up invoice reminders  Emailing clients to remind them of payments is just as uncomfortable as emailing them to get their overdue feedback. Once or twice is okay, but after that you start to feel reeeeally awkward.  Most invoicing systems, allow you to set up invoice reminders so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking for overdue money anymore. The app does it for you!

21.) Create an ‘Instructions File’ for clients  Do you find yourself giving your clients the same instructions all the time?

Instructions like:

How to provide you with helpful feedback
How the process works
What files to hand over before the project starts
How to use your project management system

How to get a hold of me and office hours

Create a getting started private page that has all of this information in one place.  Once you receive payment you just send them the link.

22.) Create a reusable project schedule  I am still working this one out but from my research, creating a reusable project schedule you can use with every client is a huge time saver.

A project schedule outlines the timeline of the project. It shows the days and weeks in calendar format and the tasks you’re going to complete on each day. It also includes the days your clients feedback is due.

To put this kind of schedule in place, just commit to starting each project on the same day (eg. Monday’s.) Then follow through with the schedule for every project you have.  With a project schedule in place, both you and your client will always know what is happening when.  This will also help with forecasting your workload and when you can take on new clients.

23.) Set up automatic meeting reminders  Do you email your clients a reminder before your meeting? Well, you can stop that now. With scheduling systems like Acuity Scheduling, they can book a meeting through it and they’ll receive automatic confirmations and reminders.

24.) Follow-up with disappearing clients automatically  If you don’t follow up with potential clients because you forget, you need to automate it. Schedule a follow-up email to send 3 days after your consultation call. To schedule emails to send at a later date, try using Boomerang.  You can also set it for emails to send if there is no response.

25.) Follow up with unhappy clients automatically
If you receive a complaint from a client or customer, it’s a good idea to resolve the situation and then follow up with them a couple of weeks later to see how they’re getting on. To do this, just create an email template and schedule it using Boomerang.

So there you have it 25 things you can automate in your blog or business!  I hope your life becomes auto-magical once you set these babies up!!

Have some other ideas on things you can automate?  Tell me!  I would love to hear them!

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