Are you currently trying to grow your coaching biz, but are struggling to find the time, and energy, to get it all done?  I hear you and I know the struggle is real!  

However, I also know that there are so many budget-friendly marketing tools out there that can save you time and your sanity.  Hey, I use so many of them myself, so I know they work in more ways than one!  


20 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tools You Need to Grow Your Coaching Biz

1.  Google Drive

What are you currently doing with all of those files and forms you are creating on a daily basis?  Do you have tons of flash drives getting “lost” throughout your home? Is your hard drive threatening to explode with information?  

What if I were to tell you that you can store up to 15GB of stuff in Google Drive for free and be able to find it with a couple of keystrokes?  Yes, it is possible and you are going to love using it!

Oh, and if you do use a ton of space on Google Drive, you can get 100GB for only $1.99 a month.  And you don’t need to worry where your toddler, teenager, spouse, put that flash drive you just saw two seconds ago!

2.  Zoom

How many times do you wish you could see potential clients when you are doing discovery calls or share your screen with people while you are talking to them?  Zoom allows you to do both of these things and it is super easy to use. The connection is always amazing, you can use it for free, and you can even record those calls you need to reference in the future.  

3.  LastPass

I used to always struggle to keep up with all of my passwords and I couldn’t tell you how much time I wasted each day trying to log into accounts.  My life was literally saved when I discovered LastPass and I haven’t looked back since. Simply enter every single password you have into this handy tool and log into every account you own in seconds.  

4.  Tailwind

We all know how important social media is to a business, which is why you need to utilize Tailwind for all of your Pinterest pins.  You can schedule everything you want to pin on Pinterest for a week or even a month and then go about the rest of your life while working on your business.  This also saves time, because you won’t lose time looking at all of those pins you simply “must have” to make dinner, entertain your kids, etc…

5.  Teachable

Teachable is a great tool that you must use if you are selling courses.  Simply place everything on Teachable and watch your sales take off!

6.  SmarterQueue

SmarterQueue is similar to Tailwind, but you will use this marketing tool to schedule all of your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  It is very simple to recycle the content you use on all of your social media pages with SmarterQueue, so you always have content being posted on a regular schedule.  Of course, once you set this all up, you do not need to think about it until it is time for you to go in and add new content!

7.  ActiveCampaign

Sending targeted emails is so easy through ActiveCampaign, so this is definitely a marketing tool to look into if you are trying to save time while growing your customer base.  

8.  KWFinder

We all know how important SEO is to businesses, but spending hours on keyword searches is not a good way to spend most of your working days!  Once I discovered KWFinder, I knew that my SEO struggles were over. For a few bucks a month, you can easily do as many keyword searches as you want to boost the SEO content of everything you do.  

9.  DepositPhotos

You do know that pictures are necessary when you are posting content on your website and social media, right?  I know, I know… It is so hard to take your own pictures and you do not want to pay an arm and leg for someone to do it for you!  Well, I now have the perfect solution and it is DepositPhotos. This is one of the best stock photography sites when it comes to available pictures and cheaper prices.  

10.  NameCheap

When you are looking for domain names and do not want to spend a fortune on them, you do not need to look any further than NameCheap.  

11.  Acuity

When you finally decide that you want to automate your coaching business more, you don’t really need to look any further than Acuity.  This user-friendly marketing tool can help you automate your onboarding process and cause almost the rest of your business to run seamlessly.  

12.  ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels can be a helpful marketing tool when it comes to lead generation.  However, I do not like to put all of my eggs in one basket, so I do not use this exclusively for that.  This can be a pricier option though, so you will need to do your research if you want to get the most bang for your buck.  

13.  Canva

If you are not looking to use real photographs for your social media content and blog posts, you can always create visual content on your own using Canva.  This marketing tool allows you to choose templates, illustrations, images, and fonts from its library of free items. Depending on your needs, you may want to pay for the pro version, but definitely try out the free version first.  

14.  Evernote

Staying organized is necessary for business owners like yourself and this is where Evernote can come in handy.  Simply open up Evernote to jot down ideas, organize and prioritize your notes, and so much more. The best part is you can access Evernote on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone, so you can always access everything you need.  Yay for no more piles of notes scattered across the kitchen table, next to your bed, and on that used napkin in the laundry room! 

15.  Google Analytics

This service is free, but all of the data that is collected can be overwhelming.  Therefore, you must know what you need and look at that while ignoring everything else.  This is a great marketing tool when it comes to seeing how many views each page or post has on your website.  By seeing those numbers, you can get a better idea of what your target audience is looking for and what they could care less about.  You can then switch up your strategies accordingly.  

16.  Wave

Accounting and all things financial is the worst part of owning a business, but your life will be much easier when you start to use Wave.  While this accounting system is not as advanced as Quickbooks, it still does the job and is the perfect stepping stone for when you are still growing your business.  

17.  Facebook Groups

Marketing doesn’t get any better than your business being part of multiple Facebook Groups, so get to joining a few!  Make sure you read each group’s rules and regulations, so you do not post things that are not allowed. However, feel free to join in on conversations to show that you are an expert in your field.  

18.  Asana

Asana is one of those budget-friendly marketing tools that will grow with you as your business grows.  You can create a to-do list and keep a running list of everything that needs to be done to complete every project you currently have in the works.  While you can use it for yourself, you can also add team members as you hire them. Remember, your goal is to have a thriving coaching business one day and that means having a team to do the things you do not have time to focus on.  Asana will allow you to lay the tasks out that need to be completed and your team can mark them off as they are finished.  

19.  Slack

There are so many ways to communicate with your team, clients, and even business associates.  However, no one really wants to be glued to their emails or have their phone up to their ear all day long!  Slack is a marketing tool that you can have on your laptop and smartphone. You can all type messages in and even send documents to one another.  When you get a Slack notification, you will know it pertains to business and you won’t get sucked into the world of distraction like you would if you opened your email app.  Hey, I know those huge sales headlines are appealing and that’s why us girls need to stick together when it comes to staying focused! 

20.  Voxer

Voxer is similar to Slack, but you can use it as a voice messaging system instead of typing everything out.  Plus, you can save messages for future reference. Voxer is free to use, but they also have a reasonably priced version that offers so many more features that can be helpful towards your coaching business.  


These are the 20 budget-friendly marketing tools you need to consider to grow your coaching biz.  I understand that it can be overwhelming to add all of these at once, so determine which one will fit your needs the most and then go from there.  Of course, you can also contact me and we can create a plan to get you the marketing tools your coaching business needs up and running in no time at all.  Let’s grow that coaching biz of yours and make this your best year yet!