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About Corinne Blagg OBM

Hi! I’m Corinne, owner of Corinne Blagg & Co. LLC and a certified OBM.  I help online coaches overcome the hustle and overwhelm of running a coaching business and create more freedom in their lives!

We use systems, automation and create a team you can trust and rely on so you can go on vacation or finally make your kids’ soccer game!

You need an OBM in your corner.  Are you ready?

Client Testimonials

“Corinne has been an invaluable team member as I continue to grow my business. She is a natural at making systems run smoothly and efficiently, problem-solving, and helping me stay focused on the big picture rather than getting lost in the minutiae. I highly recommend working with her.”  –CANDACE A.

“Corinne was absolutely amazing to work with, I will definitely work with her again!  Her knowledge is extensive. She was very professional and easy to communicate. Corinne is an excellent asset to my team and I highly recommend her.” –DONNA M.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Corinne. She is proactive and a self-starter. She is extremely knowledgeable in the area of automation and time-saving tools. Corinne is process-oriented and would make a great addition to any team looking for an excellent operations manager.”  -Justin and Lee, Optimal Living Daily

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How to Calculate Your Hourly Rate

How to Calculate Your Hourly Rate

Do you know your hourly rate?  I was a time waster. I use to sit down for business time and had no direction or focus and would just scan Pinterest or Facebook. The hour I blocked would run out and I would just shrug my shoulders and say “oh well, I’ll get...